Annual events and holidays on Sakhalin Island

The timing of Sakhalin’s plants blossoms

From 8th to 20th of May
The Prunus sachalinensis (Prunus sargentii, “Sakura”) blossoms.
From 20th to 30th of May
The Cerasus kurilensis (“Sakura”) blossoms.
The mid of May
The Caragana arborescens blossoms.
From 20th to 30th of May
The Forsythia x intermedia blossoms.
From 30th of May to 5th of June
The Malus sachalinensis blossoms.
From 30th of May to 30th of June
The Rhododendrons blossoms.
The end of May to the beginning of June
The Syringa blossoms.
From 15th to 30th of June
The Philadelphus coronarius blossoms.
From 1st to 30th of July
The Paeonia, Hemerocallis (daylilies), Veronica sachalinensis blossoms.
From 1st to 15th of August
The Hydrangea blossoms.
From 20th of August to 10th of September
The Lilium, Gentiana blossoms.
From the end of September to the end of October
The autumn leaf color of maple and rowan.
Notes: the timing of the blossoms differs from year to year depending on the weather.

Events and holidays

From 31st of December to 1st of January
The New Year celebration
Concerts, shows on the squares of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, mass festivities on New Year’s Eve.
The first ten-day period of February
The celebration of Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year)
Impressive national concerts of folk dance and vocal groups in the Korean Cultural Center (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk). Drum shows.
The end of February - beginning of March
National old Russian ritual holiday of farewell to winter. Mock competitions, frolics, roundelays, taking snow fortresses. Tasting baked goods (pirozhki, pancakes (Russian blini)). Contests for baking the biggest pancake (Russia blin). Concerts of folk Russian choirs and dance groups. At the end of the festival, burning a huge effigy of Maslenitsa, the symbol of winter (Lake Verkhneye in Gagarin Park).
The 1st of May
Festival of Spring and Labour
Festive, celebratory events. Mass festivities and entertainment program in the Yuri Gagarin City Park.
The 9th of May
Victory Day
Festive, solemn, and commemorative events. Victory Parade on Victory Square and Square of Glory. The parade of military equipment. Congratulations to veterans. "Soldier's porridge" in the Gagarin City Park. Bicycle parade. Celebratory salute.
The 24th of May
Day of Slavic script and culture
A festival of choral music, with folklore, children's, and academic groups taking part.
From 24th to 25th of May
“Last bell”
High school graduation day.
The 1st of June
International Children’s Day
Mass festivities and entertainment program in the Gagarin City Park. Free rides (only for children). Opening rides on the children's railroad.
The 12th of June
Day of Russia
Festive, celebratory events. Mass festivities, concerts of folk groups of different nationalities living in Russia (Russian, Ukrainian, Cossack, Tatar, Caucasian, and Central Asian peoples, Nivkhs, Ulta, Oroks). Large entertainment program in Gagarin City Park. Tastings of national dishes.
The 27th of June
Youth Day
Festive sports and entertainment events, pop concerts on squares, public gardens, in the Gagarin City Park.
The second Sunday of July
Fisherman’s Day
Mass festivities, theatrical performances "Day of Neptune" in the city park named after Yuri Gagarin, fish-soup and fish treats on the squares of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, fairs of fish products of local producers. Concerts on the coast of Aniva Bay.
The 1st of September
Knowledge day
The beginning of the school year. First Bell at all schools. Festivities in Gagarin Park.
The 3rd of September
Victory Day over militaristic Japan and the end of World War II.
Military parade, congratulations to veterans, brass bands. "Soldier's porridge" in Gagarin Park. Exhibition of military equipment. Free guided tours in the museum "Victory". Films on the military-patriotic theme. Festive fireworks display.
The second Saturday of September
Day of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
Mass festivities, concert program with performances of Russian celebrities.
From 13th to 15th of September (first decade of September)
Gastronomic festival «Fish Island»
The thematic program, fish fair, tasting a giant caviar sandwich, field kitchen with seafood.
The whole September
International Festival of Brass Bands "Spasskaya Tower on Sakhalin"
Colorful show in different cities of the Sakhalin region, gala concerts of the best international brass bands in the squares of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.
The 5th of October
Day of Teachers
Concert programs in schools and educational institutions.
The 4th of November
National Unity Day
Processions of groups of enterprises on the main streets of the city. Concerts of folk choirs, dance ensembles of nationalities living in Russia, on the squares, and in concert halls of cities in the Sakhalin region. Screening of patriotic films.
From 25th of December to 7th of January
Christmas festivals and concerts
Festival of organ music in St. Jacob's Cathedral. Christmas concerts and game programs of children's folklore groups and the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Chamber Orchestra concerts.

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